Dr. Ingmars Cinkmanis

Biochemistry Researcher, Assoc. Professor and Science Doctor
My passion for nature began as a child, when I could often be found walking through the woods studying every flower, root and plant. People around me were surprised by my ability to recognize and name them.
Earning a PhD in science and authoring more than 70 publications and patents, my interest in plants and their chemical composition and effects on
humans only increased.
When store-bought creams were not effective enough and did not meet the needs of my wife and children, I came to the conclusion that it was time to make my own.
As a biochemist, I was disappointed to see how many chemicals and harmful substances are in the contents list of all the so-called organic and natural products in the stores.
That's how I, involving my family, together with my brother and my brother's wife, got to work and created products that are both truly natural and of high quality.
And that's how Oga7 cosmetics was born
- a natural and effective way of skin care.
"We believe - when it comes to your (and our) skin and health -
the less secrets, the better!"